Friday, 31 July 2015

It's coming

So, I have decided to try out vegetarianism (not veganism, I love eggs and I love milk), so for the full month of august I will eat no meat.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

About death curses

Let's speak about inflicting death with curses and all the bad decisions behind it.

What is a death curse?
A death curse is a type of a spell that inflicts death to its victim. This can be anything from a car accident to instant heart failure, it can be also as bad as a cancer. There are few infamous death curses like Pulsa diNura.

Pulsa diNura is a very strong Jewish curse in which angels of death (if I remember correctly) are called to prevent any God's forgiveness to reach the target, the target then dies because of his/her own sins. If curses were considered weapons, Pulsa diNura would be a nuke. It could also be considered an act of terrorism because it is usually abused against political figures, often for different ideologies.

Why people choose to use death curses?
People who tend to use death curses are usually insecure and emotionally unstable, thinking they can kill people remotely gives them some inner security and sense of power, that's why death curses are often chosen by "satanic" emotional teenagers, generally speaking majority of so called LHP groups are children and real and experienced practitioners are actually in minority (and they wouldn't curse so lightly).

Why death curses often don't work?
A death curse is a very serious thing that requires a killing intent, you must hate someone so much that when he would be near you right now you would kill him with bare hands. Thankfully most people are unable of such hate, else this would be a very sad place to live. Anyway, this also means death curses are used where you really want to kill some person that cannot be reached normally (living far away, well secured political figure, unknown rapist in the neighborhood, etc). It certainly cannot be used on a classmate sitting right next to you just because he broke your pencil and laughed at you that you dress like a bat.

Correct alternatives
Death curses usually have a reason, whether someone bullies you, make fun of you, or anything else. Question is why you want to go through the trouble to curse the person when a simple spell can be used to nullify just what you don't like, e.g for a bully to stop picking on you, your boss to stop making you work overtime, your political nemesis to stop thinking through his wallet, etc. This way you will also more likely get the desired result as it stems from your need and no killing intention is needed (in other words, this approach is good for non-psychopathic people).

Death curse between Magicians
I think you have heard stories of duels of Magicians and how a stronger will can beat the weaker will, about shielding and waiting for a right moment to hit to incapacitate the other guy. This all is more or less true regarding thaumaturgists, but when it comes to a theurgy, this is a completely different story. We are more or less a property of spirits we work with on a regular basis (the rapport works both ways), and the spirit, as any owner, gets angry if you try to damage its property. Spirits are also conscious and they talk to each other. I know I don't speak about this much, but I actually stopped doing any client work as my spirits forbid me to do few exorcisms, I was told to care about my own family and don't poke into problems of others.

So, what does happen when one theurgist try to curse another theurgist? Seemingly nothing, spirits make a deal and maybe let a lighter curse to pass through to make a point, if that teaches you not to mess with others, fine with that. But if you try some stronger curse, or even a death curse, spirits get really angry at you for trying to push them into some tacky spirit war and they might punish you, as well. Worst thing that can happen is that you ignore any warnings and if nothing seemingly happened, you try again. Spirits then might abandon you for your ignorance and then you suddenly find yourself without any protection and open for a counter-attack that can hit you in a full scale.

It is true that a stronger spirit might screw with lesser spirits, but don't also forget that each spirit has its own "homeland", so locally they can be strong but remotely there are some problems. For example if you tried to use a Voodoo lwa on me, you are likely to fail as voodoo spirits are very far from home here, on the other side my spirits are locals here, so they are way more accustomed to this environment and protection here.

So, we have learned that death curses are not really so bright idea to begin with, there are also alternatives: bully can stop mocking you, rapist can be arrested... or castrated, etc. We have also learned that spirits like their comfort zone and hate messing with other spirits and can punish you if you try to mess with other spirits or their "property".

An interesting idea

This is an interesting idea regarding sigils I found on reddit:

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Cigarette Magick

Warning: This is an article for those who already smoke. Smoking is harmful, expensive and not very socially acceptable either. If you don't smoke, don't even start.

Ok, so from the warning I think this is obviously a smokers only article. The thing is that when you already has a packet in the pocket, there is a couple of things that cigarettes are actually good for, so let's say a thing or two about cigarettes and their use in Magick.

As we all know, cigarettes contain tobacco, a plant that was originally sacred and smoked by shamans and elders for celebration purposes, thanks to the western society it became a casual thing so many of us "celebrate" daily, some people can hold even 60 such celebrations a day :-D.

Stress oriented
If cigarettes are actually good in something, it's a stress relief. Cigarettes can get you in the right mood, get you rid of stress and help you concentrate. I think I am beating a dead horse now as all practicing smokers probably already know, but 1 cigarette before and after the ritual is a real lifesaver. Before the ritual to get ready for what is coming and after the ritual to ground and get back to the every day reality.

Smelling around
Cigarette smoke is very thick, both in appearance and in the scent, this and its spiritual neutrality makes it a perfect portable incense stick (some spirits like it more, some less, but I have yet to find one that would really hate it). This also makes it a great offering tool, one lit up cigarette put aside for whatever spirits you are working with. I think I have already described this one in the past. But what I didn't say in the past is that you can actually inscribe a seal and name of the specific spirit to offer it directly to that spirit, limiting problems with unwanted guests.

For that quick fix
Whether you want to improve your health, get rid of a headache, or maybe get some money, a sigil inscribed on the cigarette can do real wonders, just make sure you keep focused on your goal while something the aforementioned sigil enhanced cigarette. You can actually use one and the same symbol for all cigarettes in the package, making your goal more likely to come true after the whole packet was taken care of (not at once). You can use this method to e.g. help you to quit smoking.

In a very emergency cases not even a sigil is needed, just write what you need on the side of the cigarette and smoke it. I think it's needless to say that such a method is less foolproof than others aforementioned, but yeah, emergency situation often requires emergency solutions.

Forgotten inside the flames
If you have problems with forgetting about your desires, then a pack of cigarettes is a perfect solution for you (if you are a smoker), just inscribe different sigils with different meaning on all your cigarettes so you forget which is which and then smoke them in a random order, in that case you don't concentrate on the desire during smoking as you don't know it, but you rather concentrate on the sigil itself and how is it burning away, slowly directing to the vast universe to make your wishes come true.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Scott Adams about affirmations:

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, speaks about his experience with affirmations and also his troubles with skeptics:

I didn't find the original post on his blog yet, but I found one that is probably a follow-up on this:

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Fasting fail

So, yesterday I finally screw up the fast...

The morning started really well as already described and the day went well, too, then I did what I believe was the main mistake. I thought that Psyllium can improve greatly on the cleansing process so I took it (at around 4PM), as it turns out, it's not a so good idea if some food doesn't follow and since that time I felt really, really weird.

For the rest of the day I experienced suffering and I was contemplating greatly on the whole fasting thing and the idea of balanced diet (combination of food, air, light and sleep). When I came home I was in agony!!!

So, I got home, had a coffee with my wife and during the chat I found out she didn't eat much today which made me thinking of food even more. Then I decided to do something I originally intended to do on Sunday, I took the scale and found out I didn't lose even 1 gram during the 2 days long fast. So at 11PM I finally succumb to the idea of cancelling the fast and went to the kitchen to make some fish&chips (one of my favourite meals).

I will append some pictures taken during cooking as after the food was finished I was too busy stuffing my mouth to take a picture of a finished meal :D. So, the advice for the next time is: "Avoid psyllium during the no food fasting".