Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Chaos Not 4 Kidz

A little project in development of mine, trying to teach Magick in an humorous form.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Kickstarter: Serpent on the Cross

Serpent on the Cross: The Ancient Occult Path to Liberation is a pioneering account of a secret spiritual tradition that is the Western counterpart of tantra. As well as providing an accurate history of this tradition, the author - an academic expert on the occult - also describes his own experimentation with its alchemical and magical techniques of healing and inner transformation.

more info here:

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wax dolls

What is a wax doll
Wax doll is a small figure made out of wax, made in the shape of a human or animal you wish to affect. Wax dolls are a great asset for Magick. These figures have a bad reputation as in movies and certain cultures they are used mainly for maleficient purposes when in fact they are just focal points, they can be used for variety of tasks including blessings, telepathy suggestions, healing and of course, curses.

Why wax
Wax is naturally oily and a little bit moist on touch, these are the properties that a suitable volt materials should have. Speaking of that, any object containing fat, grease, oil, wax or other materials with similar qualities can be used for the creation of the volt, one famous volt creation counts with a dead frog baptised with the name of the victim of this powerful curse.

How to model your own wax doll
It is ideal to have some modelling wax handy as that one is very soft and can be easily shaped by your hands, in case we do not have such a wax handy, here is another solution.

For this method you will need some candles (tea lights are the best option). You will also need some paper, scissors and a cookie cutter of the desired shape.

Light the candles to liquify the wax. Tea lights naturally have their own containers and it's easy to pour the wax from them but if you don't have any, just toss some candles on a pan and liquify the wax there.

As the next part make an outline of your cookie cutter form on the paper and cut it out. This will give us the base for the form so the wax doesn't stick to the surface below. Another benefit is that the paper also holds the wax together during the removal from the cookie cutter and then can also be stripped and used again.

Now place the form on the paper outline and pour the liquified wax in. It doesn't spread as easily as water so make sure to fill the cookie cutter evenly, then let the wax rest and solidify, this takes quite some time. You can figure out when wax is solid by color and also by touch (slightly pushing the wax won't leave there any fingerprints).

Now take the form with solidified wax and gently twist it, this will allow the wax to be separated from the form. Then gently and evenly push the wax doll out of the cookie cutter form. As the last part remove the paper base and your wax figure is finished.

Using the doll
Famous method of using the wax doll is to embed it with something from your "victim", a tooth, hair, fingernails... These can be added into the doll during pouring of the wax. The thing is you don't really need any such item as a visualization and desire are good enough to create the link. Attaching the photo or sigil that symbolises the target also helps greatly.

In case you are going to use needles, make sure to heat their tips first (e.g. in the flame of a candle). This allows the wax doll to sustain more "punishment" as wax is rather melted by the needle instead of broken apart. The wax that is liquified this way also turns black and leaks out of the hole just like blood, making a great visualization aid.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Quick note about volts

Just had this idea how to create a volt:
-Cut out a body shape from paper
-Create a sigil of a person you wish to affect
-Draw it on the paper body
-Charge it
-Pour wax on the paper body, sealing the sigil inside and giving it a proper material suitable for the volt.

There will still be some tweaking (incantations, etc), but this looks nice so far :).

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Interesting turn of events

So, I mentioned yesterday that I generally felt pretty much drained. What I didn't say (as I didn't know at the time), I also lost my bus card where I just sent money in. Having no name on the card, the chances of getting it back were close to zero.

Anyway, yesterday after I got home I made a couple of arrangements. I did 5 Tibetan rites, I also performed emotional and spiritual banishing (My favorite Sumerian style), I also placed a glass of water next to my bed to figure out any possible spiritual activity causing the drainage. I also made sure. To fully relax my body before falling asleep and making certain to remember all my dreams which would also show any unwanted spiritual activity.

So, I slept great, no spiritual activity happened during the night and in the morning I woke up fresh and kicking. Only bad event that happened was that I figured out I was missing the bus card as I mentioned before so I had to use cash.

Now, going back home from the office I was lucky enough to catch the same bus yesterday, and guess what, the card was there waiting for me on the dashboard (I know it's mine because of the scratches). So I asked the driver about it and took it. The most improbable thing that could happen to me today happened :-D.

Anyway, I will continue with the 5 Tibetans for now to get back on tracks :).


Monday, 11 January 2016

Some news

So, I have been feeling drained lately, probably because of having a shifted sleeping cycle for the whole December.

With that being said I moved back to practicing autogenic training and also some chakra work (mainly biju mantras, really).

Except that I am trying to kick myself into the book writing again (speaking about the geomancy grimoire), the main problem is I have a lot of mundane plans for following 3 months and after that I want to finally move to my own domain.

Speaking of that, I have decided to use wordpress as my next CMS system, simply because I am currently too lazy to write my own CMS. Well, not really lazy, I just cannot force myself into using PHP and MySQL again when I got too used to Java EE, JSF, PostgreSQL and few other perks. I actually like the idea of using Wordpress as its plugins pretty much sum all of my needs (and here and there I can code little something for it myself).

Ok, that's it from me for now, just don't forget I am available on facebook now, just look for Frater Akenu, there :).

Monday, 4 January 2016

My beginnings in the occult

So, I am back from a month long vacation that took quite a revealing turn as I recalled something from my childhood.

I am 28 now and I actively practice for 6 years but as it turned out, I was an occultist long before that. First of all, I got signed up to karate classes when I was 6 years old and a very basic form of meditation was part of the curriculum. Later when I was about 10 I bought a book about Ninjutsu (ninja movies were big at the time). The book was namely about history and dictionary but there was also a big section regarding meditation and kuji-in (hand gestures). Different effects were associated with different gestures and I will take a look at this later.

When I was about 12 I tried a silver magick ritual (sort of fluff dark magick but hey, I was 12), the ritual consisted of using 5 names: Astaroth, Dragonis, Moloch, Empusa, Nosferatu, shortly ADMEN (I remember it even now), when I was 15 I read A. S. LaVey's Satanic Bible which by the coincidence was the book that also refreshed this memory. After creating my occult FB account and getting invited to countless LHP and Satanism groups I got interested to refresh my memory on LaVey's satanism so I bought the book and read it again. The vibe of the book was the same as the vibe of Thelema which explains why Thelema felt so natural to me, I knew some of it from before.

My childhood
I've had some weird experiences before even attending school. For one instance I remember an experience during which I tripped and fell face first into a fresh concrete, my father wasn't really happy about this and I got beaten up for it. The problem here is that this didn't happen to me, but to my 6 years older brother, yet I still have this vivid memory seeing everything from the first person as if this happened to me.

For another one I recalled seeing myself from the third point of view on a couple of occasions, this happened to me especially during practicing karate katas. In other words I had seen myself externally while moving.

It happened to me at least twice that a time slowed down around me, both instances were during a jump which felt unnaturally long because of this. Something similar also happened to me during a fight in school when the time stopped fully while my "opponent" was caught mid-air. I remember thinking about how to use this to my advantage and where to stand so after "the time runs again" it will look impressive. During this maneuvering around I noticed my body still stands on the same place and while I tried to get into it so I can moved with it, the time started again and I got kicked to the chest :D.

Adult years
I became interested in hypnosis when I was about 17 and read a lot of things about it in the public library. I usually sneak into the section I didn't have access into and read there. When I was caught I said I forgot the registration card at home and will come with it the next day. I obviously didn't have the card so I never did. Btw this way I also learned programming which is what I do for a living now :).

In the time I was recently employed I got prosecuted for fare evasion in the city I never even visited. Someone somehow got my ID details and used it to identify himself during the ticket inspection. Problem was that I didn't have any alibi for that time as it was when I still visited the university and the university can hardly prove when someone is or isn't in the class, especially that way back. The events weren't in my favor so while waiting outside the courtroom I have used the jin kuji-in (described in the book I had as: for telepathy and the universe manipulation) to manipulate the court decision in my favor. Luckily I won that case and didn't have to pay any penalty or the court bill (in my country the defeated side pays for the court). But what is interesting I had this emergency "magical thinking" I would fall into if required to manipulate things I normally couldn't, and this was before I started being officially interested in the occult practice.

Few observations
I didn't only have weird experiences as a child. It seems that the universe didn't miss any opportunity to send some interesting pieces of information my way. Thinking back it doesn't look like it was my free choice to start with the occult, it more seems like I was meant to and the occult was dragging me in quite strongly. The question is why. Was I born with this kind of a plan for me or did it develop because of my early meditation practice? Like if you open the door will you then always be attracted to the light behind it?