Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Interesting experience

So, I have already started working on planetary servitors I have mentioned here: http://akenu.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/planetary-servitors.html

Yesterday was my first day so I have started with Moon (generally the week here starts with Monday so I am just following the cultural convention). I've gotten some interesting visual imagery but nothing out of ordinary, that was supposed to change today.

Today I have worked on creating a servitor for Mars. I created a very decent seal right on the first try, derived the name from it and started with focal meditation while vibrating the name (silently, I was in the bus at the moment). A feeling of immense heat followed this process and I got a very good feeling about this.

Then, after I left the bus I lit a cigarette like usually, thinking about following days when some gypsy came to me, asking me for a cigarette. I have handed him a cigarette. He then took some perfume out of his bag trying to pursue me to buy it. I suddenly yelled back at him "I will light you the cigarette but fuck off with this" which obviously shocked him as he certainly was bigger than me and didn't expect such reaction. So, I lit him the cigarette and he immediately left, while I stood there with a feeling of victory. I would say this spirit will be very helpful for empowerment and argumentation.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Vacancy of mind

What is the vacancy of mind
Vacancy of mind is a state of awareness when no side thoughts are produced and the infinite mental chatter is stopped. It is also a form of gnosis and chaotes reference it as a gnostic state as the psychic censor is switched off together with the chatter.

Vacancy of mind is hard to enter and usually the early attempts can keep up just a couple of seconds. The process of entering this state is also often made harder by many mistakes people tend to do in the beginning of the practice, some of these mistakes will be mentioned later.

What is the vacancy of mind good for
As mentioned before, vacancy of mind is associated with deactivating the psychic censor. From this state you can either switch into the absolute awareness, which is a way how to shift your focus fully on a certain object and "charging" it this way (absolute awareness is good for sigil charging and I refer to it as the inhibitory gnosis in the book Liber Azag: The Book of Sigils or as Fragment #4 in Oath Breaker: Meditation).

Another use of the vacancy of mind once again lies in the deactivated psychic censor. Psychic censor is the filtering mechanism between your consciousness and your unconsciousness. If this filtering mechanism is deactivated and you are able to sit still with closed eyes in such a state, you will enter the state of high lucidity, granting you visions. The nature of visions is very similar to the nature of dreams. Not every vision is prophetic, prophecies are actually not so common. Your visions will often just be the reflection of your subconsciousness, affected by the food you ate, experience you had, movie you watched or book you just read. There are practices to make prophetic visions or dream more often, but more of that later.

How to enter the vacancy of mind
A good way how to enter this state of awareness is to progress into it from the focal meditation. A focal meditation is the type of meditation where you concentrate fully on one object. This object can be a symbol (trataka), your breathing pattern (pranayama), your posture (asana), gesture (mudra) or even a repetitive sequence of movement (like dancing). But gesture, symbol, posture and chanting (mantra) are the most common ones, usually in some combinations.

This method also includes the famous black egg meditation. Visualize a big empty room where everything is absolutely and completely white. In this room there is a black egg on a completely white table, and this egg is completely black and a little bit distorted as it emits the blackness to its surrounding, emitting the darkness as if it were a light.

Another good way was presented in the article Oath Breaker: Meditation, where the Vacancy of Mind is presented as the fragment #3 and is entered from the state of absolute relaxation. The relaxation is important in any case, as the mind affects the body just like body affects the mind, it's even harder to enter the vacancy of mind state when your mind is occupied with the inputs from your body and it's hard to relax and let go of your body when you feel something poking to your side or your nose is itchy. That's why you first need to find a comfortable position to relax fully (Fragment #1 in Oath Breaker: Meditation).

Common mistakes during the practice of the vacancy
First very common mistake is that people are unaware of their constant mental chatter. That's where thought observation and thought recollection comes handy. Be present at the moment and be aware of your thoughts, recollect them a couple of times during your day. This will help you to become fully aware of your mental chatter plus your memory will improve drastically.

Another mistake is ignoring the chatter. When a thought arrives, you should accept it and move on, recall this thought later and resolve it. Else this thought will reappear later, but stronger and with some consequences, you shouldn't ignore your thoughts same as you shouldn't ignore your problems else they can overgrow you. The void meditation is also associated with the reappearance of memories, especially the negative one. This process is natural and helps you to resolve your problems and better understand who you are. Same as with thoughts you shouldn't ignore these but accept them, else they will reappear later or worse, turn into phobias, nightmares and will make you emotionally lethargic or easy to get angry.

Another very common mistake is the self-trolling. I call it this way because during the void meditation you will tend to e.g. repeat the instructions of the meditation process, thinking about not thinking and few other cases. This actually isn't the psychic censor preventing you your progress, it's just your own mind making fun of itself. If you recognize it as your own doing and own responsibility, it's much easier to get rid of it.

Yet another mistake is to get frustrated when you are lacking results. Don't be strict on yourself, this isn't a race. Be fine with whatever progress you have and remember it works as a wave, sometimes it's naturally better and sometimes it's naturally worse, everyone has good and bad days. If thoughts are rushing too much and you need a little bit of rest, eat some heavy food (fast food works great in this great), when the body got hard time digesting food, less energy is spent on the higher functions of the brain).

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Planetary servitors

It's a little project I am thinking about at the moment. The point is to create a set of 7 servitors for each of the planetary energies. I have already worked with specific planets in sigil magick so the idea is not so alien to me. The thing is that when you are already working with a planetary energy of a specific day, why not harvest it into a conscious being for a later use?

My plan is that each day of the week I will create a sigil of that given day from the combination of the name of the planet and name of the day, so for example MOON MONDAY, MARS TUESDAY, etc. From each sigil I will also derive name of the given servitor and also its shape. I will also incorporate a planetary symbolism and planetary sigils for these servitors.

An output of this project should be a set of 7 pantacles with name of the spirit and its seal on one side, and its planetary square on the other (I am going to use the new squares I have presented in Astro Magick Essentials, the reason is I can easily reproduce any of these and they should work the same way as the traditional ones.

Each servitor will then be charged on a regular basis on its day by focusing on its seal when chanting its name.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ouija troubles

So, many of you might have noticed the picture of a custom made ouija on my twitter account. I have created it for a entertainment purposes (for that is what Ouija really is). First day I have used it with my wife, an old "friend" reappeared, a spirit that was the reason I started with the occult to begin with, to get rid of it :-D.

My wife then had the usual nightmarish dream, next day our animals were agressive towards her, etc, usual stuff.

On the second night we were contacted by another spirit that seemed to be troubled by the same "friend" of ours and wanted to ask for help, we also get a date since when our "friend" should exist, 1879. I promised I will do my best but then something unexpected happened, I did the Sacred Chamber Ritual while my wife was hugging me. Next day the Ouija didn't work. I have originally thought it is because of the Hexennacht, but even a day after it didn't work. Question is what happened, maybe the ritual has some banishing quality I am unaware of, or maybe there is some strange astrological current that currently blocks the communication.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

My little project

I think it's time for me to share a little project I am working on right now.

It's a geomancy tool written in Java called Geomancer. For now the tool is able to generate figures and even 3 full charts (Positive/Negative, Past/Present/Future and even the Shield chart). I am especially proud of the Shield chart as figures are not just randomly generated. After the generation of 4 mothers, the rest of figures is calculated as it should be.

So, if you are interested in the project, it is open source and all the sources are available at https://github.com/frater-akenu/geomancer

Friday, 24 April 2015

Sigil and Law of Attraction Contradiction?

I have recently found this amazing thread on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/occult/comments/33ms80/sigil_and_law_of_attraction_contradiction/

The OP was:
Hey guys,
I'm new to sigil's manifesting, and one thing that is confusing me a little is the final part of the sigil process, after energizing you are supposed to forget the sigil. Doesn't this contradict the Law of Attraction, where you are supposed to non-stop visualize your desire, non-stop until you have what you want? Am I missing something here? Any thoughts?

And of course, a totally amazing response from PsychopompPoet:
Law of Attraction says if you are a vibrational match to "I want", it's a close vibrational match to "I do not have". If you are 'forgetting' the sigil, detaching from lust of result, you are less of a vibrational match to "I want" i.e. "I do not have" (you cannot be a vibrational match to abundance and lack at the same time). So you burn it, forget it, and fill your time with focusing back on your True Will, and you sort of know in the back of your mind, "I did everything I can do. Now it's out there." and walk away without looking at the explosion

This reponse quite nicely summarizes why I stopped using THIS MY WILL, I WILL or I WANT as the beginning of my desire statements and started formulating my statements as if they were already true.