Tuesday, 1 September 2015

"New" death posture

So, I recently finished reading a book by Kenneth Grant that I got from my mother-in-law last Christmas. I generally don't like Grant's writing style but I have to admit he certainly knew both Crowley and Spare. In the chapter about Spare I have actually found a description of one death posture that was used by Spare.

It was said that Spare used one hand to cover his mouth and nose (pinching the nose with the thumb) thus preventing the oxygen to come in or out while he was drawing the sigil with the other hand, focusing fully on each line of the sigil.

This find is very interesting, not only because usually during a posture you focus on a finished product, but also because my wife uses a similar method, she usually keeps redrawing the sigil over and over again (deepening those lines with each repetition) while chanting the sigil mantra prepared for that very sigil.

Monday, 31 August 2015

No Meat Report: Day 31

So, this is my last day of the vegetarian August. I have managed to spend the whole month wihout any meat (including sea food).

During this whole period I didn't have even one outburst of energy some people like to speak about while talking about vegetarianism. I also still remember the taste, the smell and texture of any type of meat I am used to eat so there also wasn't any forgetting period also mentioned in sync with vegetarianism. My left shoulder also started cracking back and fourth quite painfully during the movement which is why I had to restart the 5 Tibetan Rites to keep me from "falling apart" (it is not THAT bad, but it is annoying).

I am pretty sure that a lot of people will want to tell me "I was doing it wrong". To you, I would like to say: "not eating meat is not a rocket science, all you do is not eating meat". I think all those positive effects people list are simply caused by the fanatism effect and mass "hysteria", you are meant to feel something so you feel it.

I think it would be wrong to speak only about negatives. There of course was a possitive side, as well. I have become much less animalistic during this period, much less tempered. It is a fine change and I hope it will stick up. Anyway, I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow and saying those sweet words: "I have finished the act of will."

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Pendulum experiment

So, I have executed a series of experiments to find out how pendulums actually work. Some of these experiments were run by me together with my wife, some were run by the former apprentice of mine and some by an old friend of mine.
Experiment #1
In this instance it was needed to check the accuracy of the pendulum itself, so a random 2 cards (one red and one black) were selected. These cards were shuffled and put face down on the table without anyone knowing which card was which. The process was to use the pendulum find the red card. This experiment was within the scope of statistical error.
Experiment #2
In this experiment the person shuffling cards took a peak at the cards before placing them face down on the table, this way the scryer didn't know which cards was which, but there was at least one person who knew. Thanks to this the scrying became accurate (about 80% success rate).
Experiment #3
This one was done together with my former apprentice. Cards were laid face down as before, but instead of using the pendulum, a simple "guessing" was utilized. Results were very similar to those in two previous experiments, that means when there was someone in the room knowing which card is which, the success rate raised dramatically.
Experiment #4
Experiment number 4 was done together with my apprentice. In this case a pendulum was used to showcase the chakra on the hand and its natural spin. My former apprentice had a completely different result as when he was holding the pendulum, it wasn't showing this chakra at all, instead a very strong repulsion or attraction (depending on which hand was being diagnosed) was shown, clearly representing the magnetic and electromagnetic forces of a receiving and transmitting hand.
Experiment #5
Like experiment #4, but with a friend of mine. This time a chakra was shown no matter which one of us did the scrying. More importantly, while I was diagnosing the hands of my friend, he got an idea to flip his hands over. This made the pendulum to go immediatelly in the other direction, thus proving the chakras really are spinning wheels. We have then checked different angles and distances. And this thesis was proven even further.
It is more or less publicly known for a long time that a pendulum is actually operated by the ideo-motoric movement instead of some invisible force and by these experiments it was actually proven.
In a nutshell it means that the pendulum is only as good as its operator. If you notice in our experiments, it was very hard to e.g. select the correct card when no one knew its location and it became fairly easy once someone knew where the card is. This is because telepathy is actually more natural and readily available ability than finding a card that is nearly indistinguishable from the other one on the astral level. Experimentation without the pendulum also further proves this because results with and without the pendulum were nearly the same, showing that pendulums are just tools instead of power objects on its own and what counts in the end is the ability of the scryer.
In case of the chakra diagnosis it was also apparent because my former apprentice was unable to focus on chakras with his analytical and cold-logic mind, instead being shown a very strong effect of attraction and repulsion of the pendulum by his hands. On the other hand, a friend of mind who is able to focus on chakras, had pretty much the same results as I did.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

No Meat Report: Day 20

So, it seems my body finally got used to the new diet as I gained back few of the pounds I lost on the ninth day. Yet I still think that this could be a very good slimming diet if combined with heavy exercises and cardio. But that's about as much of the benefit I find there. Frankly, if this wasn't a willpower training, I would be already getting me some meat.

Monday, 17 August 2015

No Meat Report: Day 17

So, nothing much to report, there is nothing better and worse than my usual self would have, maybe except there was some slight malfunction in my left shoulder few days ago, when moving it back and forth there was something jumping off and on again, making a clicking sound and it was slightly painful (more annoying, really).

Maybe what I have noticed I am much more "mindful" person now in that I think about things and philosophy way more now, but that's simply because what I eat now is not as "heavy" and hard to digest, which might sound good but it also has a downfall, a heavy food is a great tool for the relaxation.

I have to say this whole experience made me thinking, maybe I usually eat too much meat? Consider that normally I eat a meat based product at least twice a day and it is recorded that our ancestors normally ate meat just once a week. It's true that this was more based on availability of meat at the time, yet I guess it shouldn't be overdone, but to check that thesis I will have to try me some paleolithic diet as well, but not in September, in September I want to get some normal food into my system.

Anyway, this is an occult blog, so as an occult related blog we should take a look into the spiritual part of the vegetarianism. Honestly, there is rather a gap now and I mean it negatively. I don't know if I am used to this new diet or not, but I simply don't get the "mojo" I used to when eating meat. Maybe this will still turn to better, after all my friend told me it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to get used to the new diet (and it's still not 3 weeks).

Monday, 10 August 2015

No Meat Report: Day 10

Well, I pretty much stopped feeling any different now, I am not tired anymore and hunger also seems not to be an issue. What got definitely worse is my alcohol tolerance, I got pretty much "destroyed" this Saturday and was sick whole Sunday.

I also checked the scales yesterday and found out I lost 11 lbs of weight. I found it interesting as I eat still pretty much the same amount, just meat was omitted from the equation. It is even more interesting because if you remember that I had a no food fast quite recently which I was able to hold for 2 days and I didn't lose a single pound.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spiritual poetry

Probably something that nobody knows is that I write poetry in my native language, a little poems with spiritual background that then go right into my drawer.

It's then of no surprise that I can enjoy a spiritual poetry quite a lot in all its forms. For example recently I found a following snippet online from a poem named Universal:
Everything belongs to one
We are universal
Hearts connected by love
Strange cosmic rehearsal
Life is flowing, like a dance
Loving, ever knowing
Hope and fear, lovely romance
Constantly reaping and sowing

This type of poetry is amazingly in sync with Kabbalistic teachings, and, actually, if you want to read more of it, you should visit a blog of its author: http://ninaintheair.blogspot.co.uk/