Sunday, 4 October 2015

ZENER cards experiment

During the weekend I have made a series of experiments with my wife using ZENER cards (cross, square, circle, waves, star).

In this experiment I would shuffle the cards and then project one on the top to my wife. My wife had a 100% success rate receiving and calling out the correct card.

The interesting thing I have noticed in case of ZENER cards is the ease to keep each individual card in the plastic visualization. Hard to say whether this is caused by the superb design or the fact that these cards are used strictly for this type of use and got some egregores built for them.

Anyway the use is really simple.  For the selected card I have visualized a plastic image I held at the center of my wife's third chakra (sometimes also slightly above on the forehead). As I already said, it was fairly easy to keep the visualization strong and effects were amazing. I really recommend experimentation with ZENER cards.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Project for October

So, I originally wanted to work on the compact chaos magick ritual, but lately I am more inclined to this idea of mine.

Some of you who have read Astro Magick Essentials know that I have presented a new way to calculate different set of planetary squares (well, not new, more like refreshed) and also how to calculate gematric values for latin alphabet.

While looking through Agrippa's work a little bit deeper for some unrelated stuff, I have discovered a system of numerology being very similar (he just omitted some letters that I still used). This has shown me that I could be on the right track so this October I want to try to use this system of numerology to extract formulas and spirit names from both traditional and "new" squares to see where it can push me.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Water found(?) on Mars

So, it seems that NASA finally found evidence of water being on Mars:

Funny that if anyone before mentioned the possibility based on the publicly available images, they were ridiculed. Maybe NASA should release a public apology? Nah, who am I kidding...

Friday, 25 September 2015


Germany, are you insane? Did you really start oppressing your citizens, throwing them out of their apartments to place there some refugees?

Those citizens are the heart and working force of your country, they are your future same as the future of the refugees you have attracted to your land. You cannot just throw out an old lady from her home, same as you cannot just throw out a single mother with her children.

Wake up, before it's too late, wake up before your actions will lead to the rise of yet another dictator. Take care of your own people, help your citizens in need, and then play a nun of different nations. Help doesn't come in price of suffering people your society stands on.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Interesting telepathy suggestion

So, yesterday on my way home I had a very sore throat so when I was about 5 minutes from home I have sent a suggestion to my wife to make a drink by mixing water and a form of a fruit syrup (usual drink in my country) and to bring it to the garage (we usually meet in the garage and have a cup of coffee before going home, the reason is that we don't smoke in the house).

So I came home and a glass of a "pre-ordered" beverage was there waiting for me, plus another glass of 7UP. So I have asked my wife about that and found out that about 5 minutes ago she thought I would need a drink and went upstairs to make one, completely forgetting there was already 7UP in the garage.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Recent black mirror experience

On Saturday I had few drinks with my former apprentice and suddenly an idea came to the mind to relive some of the past. I took my old black mirror, wiped away a notable amount of dust, quickly recharged the mirror and we started the work that consistent of focusing on the center of the mirror while trying to have no thoughts.

In some cases we were completely in sync, our eyes started watering at the same time, we got numb at the same time, but it was also interesting how our internal symbolism changed during a time. For example when I have seen a very thick and oily black fluid nearly overflowing from the rim of the mirror, my "co-worker" had seen a giant eye coming out of the mirror. Yet things like speed, direction and sometimes even a color of things like swirls, orbs and flashes were the same for both us.

After the session I had a very long abstract dream with a great deal of detail so I have decided to continue with experimentation on Sunday and even when I was interrupted just 5 minutes after the beginning, yet another beautiful detailed dream emerged that night.

Friday, 18 September 2015

About the energy paradigm

In the energy paradigm there is a belief that everything consists of an energy coming from one universal source and if you are able to control that energy you can control reality.

The whole idea of the energy manipulation is very interesting, especially if you consider that it is hard to predict what will happen if you move energy from A to B. For that purpose the energy paradigm has to borrow from other models For example when you use affirmations during energy work you have fused energy paradigm with either psychology or information paradigm, if you have ever done LBPR, you were using combination of energy and spirit work (divine names used as words of power).

A brand on its own
It would be unfair if we spoke about energy work only in comboination with other models as there is one nice addition, being purely energetic in nature. There are various correspondences splitting the energy into different shades. You can then work with the shade closest to your desire. These shades can be divided into elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Akasha), planetary energies (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn), alchemy principles (Mercury, Sulphur, Salt), or simply dark and light.

A mistaken theory
As I have said before, every occultist at least once tried some of the versions of LBPR as can be found on the internet and to all of them it worked, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Because I currently have no clue how to proceed further in this article, I will just spill some secrets as I used to do in the Oath Breaker series (sorry for honesty).

Lesser Pentagram Rituals are intended for learning to control and feel elemental energies. People like to use banishing pentagrams in these rituals to banish "evil" energies, but that's not really how that ritual works. Yeeees, you can use LBPR to banish, but at the same time you are bringing attention with "look, something is happening here". The LPR rituals are more a preparation for Greater Pentagram Rituals that allow you to charge/discharge talismans/amulets with elemental power, same as Greater Hexagram Rituals do with planetary energies (that being said, Lesser Hexagram Rituals are a preparation for Greater Hexagram Rituals).

To truly banish for protection you need to do the counterpart of the Middle Pillar Rite, you have to do the Rose Cross Ritual, which is hard as hell and I never managed to learn that ritual completely, so let me present here a simple IAO ritual used by Fraternitas Saturni:
1. Stand straight with your hands directed up.
2. Imagine an infinitely long vertical circle going through the axis of your body, color of this circle is white.
3. Vibrate "Ee"
4. Move your hands side ways to the cross position.
5. Visualize a red infinite circle going through your hands, vibrate "Ah"
6. Cross your arms on your chest and visualize yourself being in an infinitely big blue orb.
7. Vibrate "Oh".

Symbol based systems
There exist energy systems based on symbolism. This symbolism is needed in both understanding and using the system. For example in case of GD rituals, you need to know something about planets, elements, pentagrams, hexagrams, holy names. In case of Reiki you need to know symbols, healing positions and how to cup the hands correctly.

You can of course use your sigils or alphabet of desire to create your very own system, whether in conjunction with other systems or not. For example you can use elemental orbs and in your imagination draw desired sigils with them just like with a paintbrush. You can also use e.g. a white orb as an erase of the symbols drawn in such a manner.

Biggest advantage
The biggest advantage of the energy paradigm is that it's the fun. With energy work you train both your will AND your imagination, plus you can have a lot of fun with different energy work techniques. Whether you focus on visualization, breathing, body movement, eye movement, adjusting or dispersing different energies, or you go full Bardon to draw Fire into your head, Air into your lungs and heart, Water into your belly and Earth into your legs to go full tetrapolar is strictly on you and your responsibility. Achieving the equillibrium of elements this way isn't as significant or stable as with introspection and strict lifestyle, but it is more fun.

There are different advantages and disadvantages for every and each paradigm. Use what suits you the best and remember: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted".